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How to Sell An Investment Property

If you really want to know how to sell an investment property, you may want to contact a real estate agent for this portion of the process, even if you have avoided using one before now. This is

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Making An Offer On A Short Sale Or Foreclosure

Making an offer on a short sale or foreclosure is not that far off from any other type of home offer. In either case, there are two good ways you can search for homes that match your ‘target

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Seeking Home Improvement Repairs

Home improvement repairs can be the make or break moment for real estate investors. For some investors, the home repair portion of this process is the most fun. You have the opportunity to redesign

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Real Estate Investments: Define Your Target

So, you think you’re ready to engage in real estate investments. You’ve worked up the extra capital you’ll need for holding costs and repairs, and/or have found a private investor

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